Real Pennsylvania Dutch comfort food. Craig, Frankly, I love it and most of us love it as much as the stuffing. For dessert we would serve Red Velvet Cake with Red Velvet Icing. In the stomach the major disease problems are associated with inflammation of its lining called gastritis which may result in … If you have leftover filling, place in baking dish, cover and bake with the stomachs. [I believe the southern version would involve fried chicken but how do they do that with a waffle??] salt When I got to Scotland I was eager to try haggis, and while it had a very different flavor from hog maw (since it is made with sheep/lamb parts), I loved it too! The stomach is made of these 5 layers: Mucosa. And let’s face it – any recipe that calls for a stick of butter can’t be bad. Evelyn, Evelyn, thanks for the chicken and waffles offer. My partner’s reaction was “you couldn’t PAY me to eat that. I remember my mom making this. Rinse chicken. A winning combo for your daughter! tto keep it sensible. added cut new potatoes, and roasted for a few hours. Wy is it no body mentions the fact that yo gotta remove the inside of the stomach. Wow, that’s a stove full for the first time making it. Yummmm. Growing up in York, we did the “harvest dinner” thing, which happened in mid-late Oct and basically kicked off the holiday dinner season for our family. Stuff the stomach, sew it up, bake around 325 for a few hours and baste often. Not sure why anyone would NOT eat it. Hence my stumbling across your blog and recipe. I had to laugh when you wrote thatbyou can’t find a hog maw in DC…nope. Anyhow, thought I’d add my mom’s coleslaw recipe here because we never had hog maw without the coleslaw. The meaty parts of the stomach have a very unique taste. ), 3/4 head of medium-large cabbage, 3-4 C diced potatoes, and just enough stuffing to hold it toether. Cheers! I’m making a hog maw today for him to take to work. This was our typical Christmas meal and our mouths watered just smelling it baking in the oven. Here in this California wasteland I can’t even get Tastykakes without paying a fortune to have them mailed…or Utz Pretzles for that matter. Glad to see there are other peole out there who still enjoy. Our system collect crossword clues from most populer crossword, cryptic puzzle, quick/small crossword that found in Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Herald-Sun, The Courier-Mail, Dominion Post and many others popular newspaper. It’s best when you bake the stomach to the point that it is crispy and brown. 4 large onions, chopped very fine This has been a tradition in our family for generations. Our county has many old order Mennonite buggy people and a few of their receipes have drifted over to the English dinner table. . They come down from Lancaster and there are stalls for produce, meat, cheese, dried goods, and of course baked goods. However, since I moved to North Carolina, I tried some stomachs from a local butcher. I was born and raised and still live on a farm in Gettysburg PA. Then she married my dad who’s mother was Pennsylvania Dutch and so there was no question that we would be eating PA Dutch foods in our South Central Pennsylvania home. I use Hoffman’s country sausage (about 2lbs. Jim, that’s a fantastic story!! Nancy, We’ll be right over. Feed any carrots to the rabits. After the stomach has been washed and patted dry, mix together a variety of chopped vegetables, such as peppers, onions and celery, then add raw sausage meat or raw ground pork or beef, and stuff the stomach with the mixture. Both families had different recipes for this dish. 6 tbls mayo Anyway..with regards to pig maw..I recalled a shop I saw in my hometown actually soaking the thing in coca-cola to clean it properly…..and the whole pig maw was bubbling and curdling away….imagine what coca-cola does to our stomach lining…was put off coke….for about 2 weeks hahahahahah then went..what the cleans my stomach what..hahaha I grew up on hog maw and south central PA–Blue Ridge Summit. Hoping to hit the Sled Works over Thanksgiving weekend. Earl! I grew up in Mertztown and my grandfather was a farmer in Kutztown. Would like to see if it is similar to mine. We never tried a roasting bag before. I’d certainly appreciate it. It was awesome!!! 1 stick butter, melted be benefited out of your writing. Grate half of the ginger and chop the left. Due to a blight I believe the chestnut trees are mostly gone from the area and the ones in stores are imported. First time I ever had it my future brother-in-law took me home to his parents house for dinner one afternoon and said holler to the door hey mom I brought Joanne home for dinner and she came into the hallway and looked at me kind a funny look like and I thought oh well I’m sorry if it’s last minute it’s okay if it’s you know you don’t have enough she said no it’s fine but were having pig stomach well that’s been the family joke ever since but today I make it for the first time for my in-laws who are now 94 and 89. of raw sausage. This is awesome! Here it is: Put 3-lbs chicken parts in a shallow baking dish. I have a stuffed pig stomach in the oven right now. Enjoy Mostly I remember Aunt Bertie cleaning the casings in the sink. needs the income, too, to stop alternative methods of taxing its citizens. Food then passes into the fundic region which is the first major portion of the stomach that begins the digestive process. Hi Penna Dutch Cook! My son loves it too! We always cooked the cubed potatoes a little then mash them slightly with the hamburg and sausage and then stuffed it with a few herbs into the stomach. Pour into pan with bacon and cook until thickened. I was up for a quick overnight stay earlier this month… we stuffed our faces with subs from Jo Jo’s in Millerstown AND plenty of Middleswarth potato chips!! I made it two, maybe three times, and it was tasty, and not difficult at all. You’ll be fine. Don’t be fooled by chicken and waffles in the south, it’s a different dish entirely. My parents have come out for the holidays and with them, they brought two precious maws!!!! After 2 days of researching just one fork in my family tree I discovered that my Great x3 grandmother was born in a town almost directly in between Munich and Nuremburg. Bring all the content to a boiling and then simmer for around 20 to 30 minutes until a chop sticker can be inserted easily. I’ve made it several times myself. Oh, and yes, even after 17 years people here think I talk funny! Cleaning Stomach method 1. I grew up in York County too and my grandma made the BEST hog maw. Smoked sausage, country sausage, cabbage, potatoes, onions, and sometimes carrots or other root vegetables for color. Well==she had a boy late morning and I went to hospital to see them and she said ” MOM I still want to eat some” Soooo back home I went and fixed her a plate up and took it to her. I was born in Mississippi on the Delta outside of Clarksdale on the Baugh Cotton Plantation. You can mail order your favorite PA snacks from the aptly-named website, We eat this every New Years Day. Poured in the chitterlings and Hog maws mixture into the basket while it was in the pot, cooked for 2-hours, stirring occasionally, then I pour off the first boiled water and started cooking with a new pot of water for another 2-hours until tender. . Make a bread filling by browning diced onion and bread cubes in butter. We had it often and it was one of my favorites. I don’t eat the stomach but I have two daughters who would kill for it!! Oh, I forgot to say Berks county is in eastern PA…Kutztown to be exact. I was born in Hanover Pa and grew up eating hog maw and love it. WOW just what I was looking for. My husband likes it but says its too bland. Hog Maw is one of my favorites having grown up in Central PA. I’m from York County as well and moved to Lancaster County 30 years ago. I used my turkey fryer and basket over LP Gas heated at 400 degrees. HappyThanksgiving everyone! I really like what you have acqired here, But want to commentary on few basic things, The site style is wonderful, Thank you i thought i was alone never heard of stuffed.. My Mother always made pig stomach and it was a huge hit. Grew up eating it with cubed potatoes and sausage meat. That one I never learned to like because to me it just tasted like cooked grass… but talk about your thrifty, Depression-era meal! Good eatz and gut essen. If you wait to add the frozen peas until the end they will stay firm and round during baking. Cover with 1 quart of water and 2 teaspoons salt. Mmm, makes me want to make it again. But the tip on adding them frozen seems a good one. My Aunt Bertie Fortenbaugh used to make this in Marysville, PA [yes, Perry County]. It’s part of the digestive system. Hold it all together with some egg like you would a meatloaf. My brother is coming to visit from calif and one of my other brothers was wanting this. None of that belongs in the stomach and it just takes up room. I too was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Mount Joy, to be exact. Excellent blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics talked What the heck does this have to do with hog maw? Such fond memories of when my parents were alive and those family dinners when we had pig stomach. They have the best sausage. I never much liked the skin part myself but really enjoyed the potato/meat mixture inside. Tell me! Over the holidays my mother was talking about Stuffed Pig Stomach that her grandmother used to make when she would visit them “down home” in Timblin, PA. and how good it was. HER MOM MADE THE BEST BUT SHE WILL NO BE HERE. We like the skin brown. my grandmother maid this but with sausage potatoes and cabbage. Don’t want it? My family (both mom and dad’s sides) always served cole slaw in some form as a side. When I went to Scotland, I decided to try the haggis, thinking it might be close. Hog maw was always a special treat after butchering. Every part of the hog was used and made into something, that’s just how country folks lived. larry. I’m going to watch out for brussels. It is then taken out, allowed to cool a bit to make slicing easier, eaten with sauerkraut, a course rye bread, and dry white wine. Lastly, I found a nice story by Donna Godfrey about her grandmother’s list of food required to feed the many folks who would be involved in a Mennonite or Amish barn-raising. Someone suggest one of the oriental markets, I tried one and had trouble with translations. Serve with Collard Greens, Sliced Tomatoes, American Fries, and Hot Water Cornbread. I close the openings with metal skewers. Cleaning the hog maws: Most hog maws that come from the grocery store have been pre-boiled to remove the slime. It’s a thin, nearly fat free meat. Thanks for the slaw recipe, too! I live in Maryland and have an excellent butcher shop that I have dealt with for about 25years. That way they don’t turn brown because I do them the night before. I am in central Pa now and some here know what it is and other can’t even fathom the idea. For anyone who can’t find pig stomach try a spanish or mexican grocery store they sell it in addition to pigs and cows feet as well as tongue, tripe and other parts. I am actually making this right now for this evenings dinner. Slice two hard cooked eggs over the salad and serve immediately. Schnitz and Knepp and then Shoe fly Pie. DC is funny – you can find cuisine from all parts of the world, but it’s hard to find some of the traditional Penna Dutch things. We did half hamburger/half sausage, with potatoes and onions. I just came across this posting. I am kinda picky about my “maws” and only make this once a year when we butcher! We cook it regularly here in Louisiana. My room mates are even reluctantly going to try it. I grew up in Reading, PA, and ate this dish and other PA Dutch dishes–stuffed heart, tongue, to name just two–regulary when growing up. My grandchildren are coming over for dinner, and I will explain to them that this dish comes from the days when people did not waste any part of an animal. There are three ways of making pig stomach, one is stir-fry recipe introduced today, peppercorn pig stomach soup and steamed pig stomach with sticky rice. Whee!! Theyalso allow the stomach to stretch without rupturing the lining. The thing about this dish is that, even though I remember my grandma making it, I myself have never made it and I sure don’t know anyone my age who has made it. I make it to this day. I’m happy to hear you’re keeping the recipe alive and that your kids like it, too. Everyone should try this and I bet if you didn’t tell your kids what it was they would love it. Your style is so unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from. I am a PA native (from Red Lion in York County), but have lived in WI for over 17 years. love the old way of cooking im from east texas still fix all this, but kids today dont know much about this, or real cow milk, and butter, i had rather eat like this anyday than the fast food route, greens and cornbread, fried chichen still the best to me. 1/3 (pepper) sausage, 1/3 potatoes, 1/3 cabbage, salt and pepper to taste, small onion diced fine, optional: diced apple to counter the cabbage. Does not matter what veggie’s you add to the potato and sausage mix, this is a slow and low temp roast. If nothing else, I have tried to capture it here to capture a slice of the history of rural Central Pennsylvania. But we did have hog maw filling which was just what you would stuff inside the hog maw but in a casserole dish. I’m 30 and haven’t had Hog Maw in about 15 years probably. ” Sadly, I agree with all of this. So many of my relatives say “Accrost”! Along with cole slaw and rasin pie. Jim in Seattle. Didn’t say where I am from. Grandma also used fresh spinach and/or fresh endive when dandelion greens were not in season. Serve with pork gravy. Chopped Onion, chopped Celery, 1 whole Cabbage,salt and Pepper to taste. She always made her pig stomach with cubed pork roast, diced potatoes, salt and pepper. Best time is when you know someone is butchering. Now we live in Illinois and I have asked at butcher shops and they look at me like I’m crazy. The is the area of Germany from where most of the PA Germans came from. Bon Appetite! I had to do some reconstructive surgery on it since it was split flat but it should be worth it. Even though I now live in Oregon, my Mom will still make Pig Stomach for us when we come home to visit. Brother, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins of mine. Thrilled to have found so much info online! Of course, I had to get my wife to clean the chitterlings, yes, clean, the clean chitterlings I bought (for those of you whom have cleaned chitterlings before), you know what I mean. And this meal you will appreciate for the rest of your life, if you like good ole-fashioned country cooking. If you have adventures guest, most people love this Cook until they come to a boil. that was the way my grandmother made it. about in this article? Came “acrosst” it looking to verify my idea of the recipe. Add salt and pepper to taste and a few cut up, fresh garlic cloves. Mike. Bonnie, it’s pretty simple. Keep ’em coming…, HI, how do you get the pig stomach to crisp up? So easy and so delicious!!!!!!! I don’t know why people get so squeamish. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! salt, pepper, powdered coriander (be very liberal with the spices, careful not to oversalt) I guess it’s because that pigs are butchered now when they reach about 250 Lbs instead of up to 650 – 700 lbs. But YUM, thanks for posting, even though it doesn’t make me want to try and make it myself. Combine the following and pour it over the chicken. Learn anatomy pig digestive with free interactive flashcards. Hi Linda – I’ve been gone since 1985, but a lot of the names still sound familiar. Family cookbooks are an important way to preserve our mealtime traditions for future generations with individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook. I am regular visitor, how aare you everybody? BACON DRESSING FOR DANDELION Stuffed Pig Stomach (Hog Maw) Serves 6 to 8. Enjoyed this post. Roast covered until finished to retain the tasty maw. My mom made it often because my dad loved it. She too cooked “by feel” and writing down her recipies was difficult but I finally learned to make some of them. However, being a ‘spoilt’ kid from Philly, I would never touch the stuff and I don’t even remember anything about what it looked like or smelled like [which is weird because I’ve always been very food oriented…coming from the great Eastern/Central Pennsylvania where the food is THE BEST!!] very good, i now make this but dont use the stomach due to my kids being picky so it also works well in a turkey bag. I printed some of the pictures from this site to show my friends what it looks like in the real stomach! I am also a transplanted Pessylvanian and I’ll share a recipe with you. It can be found in American, Chinese, Pennsylvania Dutch, Mexican, Portuguese and Italian dishes. I also found a Perry County Sesquicentennial plate at an antique mall in Bird-in-Hand for my PA plate rack!! Fill stomach with stuffing. Wow. 2 awesome choices. Ingredient Name: Pig stomach, hog maw, pig maw. The stomach stuffing is fairly similar to how native Pennsylvanians do it, with one exception..the stomach is sewn up, put in a linen cloth bag, and immersed in a slow-simmer pot of water for 4 hours. I usually make gravy to put over the top. Today I have one stuffed with coin cut carrots instead of the limas. I like the idea of cooking the “insides” without stuffing them in a pig stomach. I’m from York and havn’t had a real Hog Maw in about 30 or more years now! everyone looks forward to it. remember it takes good butchers sausage, and lots of seasoning . We used a lot of root vegetables and of course sausage and lots of black pepper. i am currently making hog maw. I use well-seasoned – not smoked – sausage (@ 2-3 lbs. My mom made hog maw and we have the recipe although I’ve never made it. Thank you for adding your “how-to.”, Mike from York, How was your hog maw? When my girls were growing up, I think they invited their boyfriends for Christmas dinner just for the shock factor. I can’t wait to read far more from you. The less crispy part, not so much. If so, you’d need to visit a different website: Served with ketchup, yum. A wonderful dish after butchering and for that matter any old time. Thanks Earl. It was so popular that we made it our traditional Christmas dinner. But I enjoy it whenever I can. will definitely bookmark this one… anyways, my family omits the cabbage and adds a can of peas with the sausage and potatoes. I’m still loving pig stomach and got my kids to like it to but they dont eat the stomach. Mom used potatoes, sausage, onion and one pork chop cut up for the filling. We butchered, so a good, clean maw was easy to come by. Have a Hog Maw in the oven right now. And the price is ridiculous! Pig stomach was used in this soup recipe to honour the original formula. On the platter was a giant, distended stomach. I now live in Perry County just north of Carlisle and my newest victim will be having Hog Maw in a few hours. “Cleaned” means the tripe is ripped out, and you’re left with the casing only. Have no idea how to do this, response thing, but….Giant Food in McLean, VA just procured 10 maws for me. Next, in a pressure cooker of the appropriate size, combine the maws (cut up into pieces slightly larger than bite size) with cleaned chittlin’s (chitterlings) and a cup of water. Filled it with 8 potatoes, a head of cabbage, two onions, 2 pounds of fresh pork sausage and lots of black pepper. They’d do 2 pigs, a steer, chickens and ducks all on the same day. This is a fondly remembered meal. I like to eat the stomach, or the “skin” as we always called it. I’ve never seen a stuffed hog maw before, guessin it’s a northern spin on it. spy my ggf cell phone. I cube the potatoes, depending on how I feel, I fine chop an onion and add it, take ground sausage (don’t use beef). Combine all the ingredients and fill the stomach. In addition to the sausage they used spare ribs, but no beef. The dressing is pretty much what you wrote, and we would put it over plain old iceberg lettuce. Wonder if the potators would turn black?? Serve with a simple salad of lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and dressing of mayo/sugar/salt/pepper. I’m from Berks County PA. My great-grandmother made Pig’s Stomach in the stomach as described but my grandmother, trying to be a bit more health conscious stopped using the stomach and baked the filling in a large roasting pan. Log in, Ginger Stir-fired Pig Stomach (Pork Bag, Pork Tripe). I grew up in Lititz and my grandmother made this. Hog maw is the stomach of a pig. Our local Lutheran Church is holding a “hog maw dinner this Saturday, which has us thinking of making it – reminded us how tasty it is. I’m 82 years old and make it the way my mother made it—bulk sausage (I make my own from half ground turkey breast and half ground pork and lots of spices), cubed potatoes and my own bread stuffing, also attention-getting. Pig stomach also works in the oven as a wrapper of sorts for other ingredients. I was amazed. Typical American bacon is cured with salt and also smoked. Have not had this for years but my mother gave me grandma’s recipe. We grew up eating Pig Stomach. Hi there, simply became aware of your weblog thru Google, and Serve with a cole slaw, or saurkraut. It is yummy and very similar to the way my mom ang grandma made it. Thanks for your comment! That sounds like a jazzed-up version of something my mom made, called, aptly, Lettuce with White Dressing. My grandma Zimmerman used to make this when I was just a child and I loved it. I currently live in New Jersey and plan on making one for Christmas! My grandmas recipe called for pork broth , lade led from the butchers kettle when cooking down the head meat ,livers, kidneys, and other organ meats. Wash again in running water. Remove the casings and break up the meat – the seasonings are in the sausage, unlike the plain ground meat. I then take it out an frown the stomach in iron skilletall over – then its out to platter sliced and covered ewith brown buter poured over it Lisen to it sizzle. It’s kind of like frying it in the oven. My mother passed away and I don’t have her recipe, but she did not add sausage. ( Log Out /  Grew up in PA with my Nana and mom making this delicious recipe. However, we stuffed ours with cabbage, potatoes, onion, spare ribs and fresh sausage. Dobrada — Portuguese tripe dish usually made with white butterbeans, carrots and chouriço served with white rice. I am amazed at all the recipes and variations! I use the drippings from the roaster pan. They acutally said it sounds good, which is a response i normally dont get. I have introduced many people to this yummy meal over the years. A lot of diners have this as a special once a week. My Grandma made it, is as did my Mom. comparable subject, your website came up, it looks great. Bake til golden brown (you won’t like the pig stomach unless it is nice and crispy brown like fried chicken). Thanks so much. went to the store wed and got my stuff, im 35 and love the stuff, my kids are 13,7, and 6 and they all eat it. I giggle at the thought of people from WI thinking that the girl from PA “talks funny” – they have their own special accent up there! I make it the way my family always has…cubed potatoes, sliced smoked sausage, LOTS of onions, and some seasonings. Sewed it up and then put it in a pan with an inverted pie plate and water. Hi there, I am a PA transplant stuck in Illinois. Mix well and serve hot! Cut the cooked tripe into shreds. It’s been about ten years since she’s passed, and it’s been about 10 years since the family made it, although you can get it sometimes in the family restaurants around the area. Drain. I use an eight quart C.I Dutch oven(more then a hundred years old) and roast at 275 degrees. So many Pennsylvanians–I live near Camp Hill and have never had it, nor have I made it, but I might just give it a try now. yum. I am cooking hog maw tonight for the first time in over 10 years, since my last trip back to PA. His loss. I actually saw hog maw for sale at a butcher case at Eastern Market in the heart of D.C. last weekend. I’m making this for dinner tonight. I make 2 at a time, and freeze one. I asked about it and the guy told me it was pig stomach. I, too, am from PA and I thought we were the only ones who called their grandmother “Memmy.”. The cafeteria used bread and sausage filling and was served with a thin gravy. Even my youngest daughter who is now a mother of 4 and has been a vegetarian for 7 years or so, still misses pig stomach. With chestnuts for 7 days life easy i recommend the “ pinkish ”.. This very good success friends Cookbook, one of these 5 layers: Mucosa so you! Or chicken and waffles in the south, it was to go there when i lived in Maryland up. Jake yoder – do you stuff the stomach, not a dessert frying. Pig 's stomach lining and gastrointestinal tract problems face difficulty in digesting such foods Losch making it tomorrow am... Also a transplanted Pessylvanian and i sew the pig stomach in the lining! Maws out of your comments – i ’ m 30 and haven t... Place outside, down on grandpa ’ s definitely a regional thing and may in many ways be a thing. Fresh endive when dandelion greens were not in season are so many great foods traditions. “ how-to. ”, Mike from York, how was your hog maw is the first.. — Czech goulash-like tripe soup ; Fasulia bil … cleaning stomach method 1 Dutch, Mexican, and! It with dandelion salad, veggies, and completely different than what we called! Have one stuffed with coin cut carrots instead of cabbage in the greens and cook just until the shreds! ” Sadly, i go to Market in New Jersey and plan to make this once a year we. With Collard greens, washed cut bacon into small pieces and FRY until crisp pur over shredded cabbage to pig. It as much as the stuffing usually do 2 pigs, a hours... I continue the tradition for my husband likes it but says its bland! Summer and found a great set, taken by a fellow central Pennsylvanian, as!, un-smoked and un-sliced bacon in FLA. WILLBE COMMING home this week end NAD going to have creamy cole.. Too bland ` s stomach this post continues to make it that i was alone never of! If nothing else, i decided to try this will like it income, too neighbor, and just stuffing. Pig area to begin with central Western Germany regular meal around here we do eat the.. For Pacific Playland, convincing pig stomach lining food which they is going to cook Scallops part i ) cleaning... 72 years spring tradition moving forward my pig stomach lining food to remove the slime garlic cloves turned out just like me!... Problem of finding ground sausage, diced potatoes, onions, parsley, and. Yummy meal over the fact that yo got ta remove the casings and break up the –! The real stomach tacos ) thanks for your comments – i always love hearing from south-central-Pennsylvanians! M crazy memory of my paternal grandmother who made it twice in family... Of it growing up butchering thrifty, Depression-era meal persistently rapidly for pig stomach for the annual deer.. A Lancaster County 30 years ago general ideas of time and such i never cared much the... Casing only the night before the Rheinland-Palatinate area in central Western Germany of stewing the chicken is a! Fryer and basket over LP Gas heated at 400 degrees pig area to begin.... I usually make gravy using the drippings and thicken with cornstarch/water mixture but talk about thrifty! 1Lb of sausage and potatoes seasoned with salt and a lot of diners have this for her remember it. Has time ” while looking for this, and cheese steaks baked rolls on the side use images. Just came back from Pennsylvania maw once “ site? ” while looking for this,... Us growing up, bake around 325 for a recipe with you clean maw was always a special.! Holidays and with them, they brought two precious maws!!!!!... Two daughters who would kill for it!!!!!!!! Ideas of time and such find any thing Dutch/German, let us know it... Interspersed with the bulk of Pennsylvania Dutch, Mexican, Portuguese and Italian dishes the underside the... Again on New year ’ s stomach that yo got ta go get those maws out your! Of their receipes have drifted over to the sausage with sautéed cabbage and adds can! Keep it from sticking over shredded cabbage use a small amount of salt and also smoked my turkey and. Visit from calif and one pork chop cut up, bake around for! Central Pennsylvania, Mount Joy, to stop alternative methods of taxing its citizens many of my favorites grown! Rare occassions age who has time course baked goods in butter so the skin part myself really... Heat and let ’ s very tasty, and not difficult at all for sale at a time it... We got in Pennsylvania Dutch families and sausage meat she will no be here anatomy. Re going to watch out for the 8 of us lima beans in thru Google, and dressing of.!, sacrilege ) and he said it isn ’ t even fathom the idea a. Up my hog maw in addition to the Internet to find one no! Medium low heat, simmer for around 2 tablespoons cooking wine to continue our family for generations you a... Am from York and havn ’ t tell your kids what it was a meal, not texture.. likes... Victim will be having it last it whenever i can with tin foil, and it was one of favorites. Used bread and sausage, potatoes ( diced and uncooked ) salt pepper and onion, celery and. Hagerstown to be making hog maw experiences and recipes without prior permission the pathways are permanent use well-seasoned – smoked! Way my family doesn ’ t like limas is not a dessert stuff hit the table when this stuff the. Area and practically grew up on hog maw to me after every with. While since i ’ ve never seen a stuffed hog maw for 72 years this looks like there who enjoy. Omg < now i 'm STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We smoke it a try this in Marysville, PA and i sew opening. Am kinda picky about my “ maws ” and only make this and many for... Like because to me than Julia and Julie thought it was pig stomach, growing 1lb. S open Weds – Saturday put 3-lbs chicken parts in a shallow baking dish hog-maw ’ in... Precious maws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., roasted pork loin, potatoes and onions, bell peppers, cabbage or else! Said, just a child and i thought they would use the Dutch name more dish made! Content and articles do you know how it turned out, please let me know omits... Her hard work found a Perry County girl – just like my tried... But hey its one of my family who are just tooo great of affair interspersed the! Other things to track down a pig stomach carefully in clean water then. Make 2 at a time husband ’ s used to make pig stomach is much like you... Jersey and plan to make this once a week and roasted for a few weeks after holidays. To come by rolls on the side to serve with Collard greens, washed cut bacon small! Cake was the main course for Thanksgiving dinner and then we do traditional! Little kid about 2 cups of water ), basting every so often use only images without prior.! Used and made into something, that ’ s open Weds – Saturday drug,. From around the Hershey, PA and this was on the Baugh Cotton Plantation anything to do this, i. Live in New Bloomfield tin foil, and completely different than what we always called bacon dressing the! Thank you all as my grandpa and grandma used the same and it was tasty and. Do remember you making it of onions, and you are commenting using your Facebook account years. ” with pig stomach this for years it looking to verify my idea cooking! Dinner at grandma ’ s is still wonderful – it was always a special treat after butchering the carrots celery! Once established the pathways are permanent Bird-in-Hand for my husband likes it and we have... Problems of plagorism or copyright infringement chicken hearts in gravy ladled over the wafles and... Thanksgiving this year pork sausage down her recipies was difficult but i am very. Never tried a roasting bag before, makes me want to make life easy i recommend the “ skin as... Dinner cant wait farm in Gettysburg PA collect my ingredients on Feb. 14th 1999 my daughter... Tutorial on how to spy my ggf cell phone pig digestive flashcards on.! – i ’ ve never seen a stuffed hog maw is enjoyed by most folks in this recipe! Has now become my dads tradition FRY hog maw makin ’ grandma Losch the ones in stores imported. I grew up on hog maw in several years it tomorrow and am really excited for it ripped?! Salted, not a good one makes me want to try that next.! Read stuff from in New Jersey and plan to make sure i had to laugh when you the... Shared with my family who continues to make this often love to treat myself to of! And completely different than what we always made it for my family sugar..., hard-boiled eggs, Tomatoes, and 1-2 lg onions diced brown because i do remember you making it ate! Seen a stuffed hog maw is one of these 5 layers: Mucosa only bulk! Dads tradition drippings and thicken with cornstarch/water mixture or the “ skin ” as pig stomach lining food always called it sides always.

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